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GOSET's troupe (Mikhoels is sitting in the center) on the way to Europe, Riga, Latvia, 1928.

In December, 1928, GOSET's company returned to Moscow after the successful tour without Granovskii. The director remained in Berlin, promising his colleagues to join them as soon as he could finish his engagements - contracts with German theaters and cinema companies. He promised to return to Moscow after the end of his engagement. But he never did. His career after 1928 went unlucky. Since the time at GOSET he had never had a success with his productions. Remaining in Europe he had gained his artistic freedom but lost his best collaborators - a company of Yiddish comedians created by him. After 1933 Granovskii fled the Nazi regime in Germany. He died on March 11, 1937 in Paris at the age of 47. GOSET with Mikhoels as its leader functioned for another 12 years after the death of its creator.